Share capital

The table below shows the development of Electrolux Professional’s share capital since January 1, 2017.

Year Event Change in number of shares Change in share capital,
Total number of shares Total number
of shares
Total share
capital SEK
Quota value
Class A shares Class B shares Class A shares Class B shares
25,000 25,000 25,000,000 1,000
2020 Bonus
8,167,539 279,204,911 3,739,745 8,192,539 279,204,911 287,397,450 28,739,745 0.1

1) On the Annual General Meeting 2020, the shareholders resolved on a bonus issue. The purpose of the bonus issue was to increase the share capital as well as the number of shares to reflect the share capital structure of Electrolux ahead of the separation of Electrolux Professional from Electrolux Group.

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